Jerry Thomas Honored for Extraordinary Commitment

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CAPTION: Left to Right: LFCC Vice Chair Mike Ripberger, PNSY Shipyard Commander, Captain Daniel Ettlich, LFCC member Gerald Thomas, LFCC Secretary Mark Labombard, LFCC Chair Jessica O’Meara.

New England’s Federal Community Honors Jerry Thomas for Extraordinary Commitment to CFC
John F. Kennedy and CFC Hero Awards presented by Shipyard Commander and LFCC

On December 16, 2019 during the State of the Shipyard meeting at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PSNY), Shipyard Commander Capt. Daniel Ettlitch and Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) officers presented LFCC member Jerry Thomas with the John F. Kennedy and CFC Hero Awards. Thomas was unanimously nominated by the LFCC board for these awards in appreciation of his commitment and leadership during the 2018 Combined Federal Campaign.

Thomas was the immediate past chairman of the New England Region LFCC. He coordinated all aspects of the campaign, interacting with the loaned executives and the Outreach Coordinator, the entity selected by the LFCC to implement campaign marketing and logistics within the zone. Thomas provided support, guidance and mentored both the current chair and new LFCC members. He often took on more than his share of first and second level reviews of charity applications. Not only did Thomas often co-chair or lead New England LFCC meetings, he also represented the LFCC in regular national meetings with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the federal agency responsible for running the CFC.

Acknowledging Thomas’s long term contribution to the New England CFC, Jessica O’Meara, the current LFCC chair, noted: “Jerry has sacrificed countless hours above and beyond expectations to ensure the CFC program could be the best possible, despite a full workload at the shipyard and the challenges of a partial government shutdown. His contribution has been indispensable to the campaign, New England communities, and many worthy causes.”

During many past campaigns, Thomas has supported the LFCC and loaned executives by purchasing and providing incentives and tokens of appreciation with his own personal finances. Thomas's active participation in the OPM/CFC meetings placed him on a first-name basis with OPM leadership and helped shine a spotlight on the New England CFC's achievements. Considering many changes among LFCC personnel and the impact of unique events such as the 2018-2019 federal government shutdown on the region, it is not an exaggeration to say that Thomas was the glue that held the operation together to succeed.

The John F. Kennedy Award, named for the president who first established the CFC in 1961, honors an organization or an individual from the New England region who best exemplifies the spirit of the campaign and has contributed significantly to the overall success of the CFC.

Every year the Office of Personnel Management recognizes campaigns and volunteers at the national level who have made extraordinary contributions to the CFC through their dedication and creativity. The CFC Heroes Awards are given to the campaign's "unsung heroes" who made significant differences and demonstrated leadership qualities in their campaign.